Any team that owns or runs a commercial property knows there are a lot of responsibilities involved. You have to carry the right insurance, find reliable tenants, and make various improvements when needed. 

Even if your property is in a low-crime area, there are always security concerns to think about. Not only do you want to protect your investment, but you also have an obligation to prevent break-ins and burglaries as the owner of the building. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed this dynamic as well. While a lot of workers spent the last year at home, a recent survey revealed that three-quarters of workers hope to return to the office soon. But safety and security remain top concerns for employees and tenants who have had a tough year and don’t want a repeat performance. 

If you want to improve security in your commercial spaces, here are several tips that property owners and managers can implement. 

1. Security Assessment

So much has changed over the past year. Whether you are in a new commercial space or not, it makes sense to assess your security before making any additional changes. A thorough assessment will help identify any vulnerabilities in your current situation. It will also give you some suggestions to address any current and potential challenges. 

2. Touchless Security Systems

Considering the pandemic we just lived through, property managers are making changes to the way they protect their property and tenants. Specifically, low or no-contact security systems are gaining in popularity. These include features like automatic doors that open in response to a reader or key card, mobile access control systems, and even facial recognition technology. 

3. Better Lighting

Another vital component to commercial building security is adequate lighting. Dimly lit areas inside and outside your build should be lit up as much as possible to avoid accidents and the potential for suspicious activity. Further, you can install motion detection lighting in outdoor spaces to add another level of security. 

4. Video Surveillance

Having monitored doors and alarms is one level of security that can stop bad actors from accessing your commercial building. But, if someone does try to gain access or even succeeds, you’ll want to have proof so that you can pursue justice. Video surveillance will give you the record you need to find criminals in many cases. And just the presence of video cameras is enough of a deterrent to keep some criminals from targeting your property. 

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