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Every great business needs a great facility. Caldwell Commercial Real Estate is your trusted partner for Commercial Real Estate in Charleston, SC. Our commercial realtors and property managers have a combined 80 years of experience so you can rest knowing that your commercial real estate needs will be met with results and superior satisfaction.

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At Caldwell Commercial Real Estate Services, we are here to serve your commercial real estate needs in Charleston, SC. From brokering sales and leases, property management and landlord representation, our commercial realtors work in all aspects of commercial real estate in Charleston. Our consultative process helps determine how best we can serve you. Our team works to customize services and/or solutions to best address and optimize the investments and interests of our clients and tenants.


Plan with confidence.

Composing an accurate budget and forecast for a property is critical to ensuring that your investment is both protected and optimized. A well thought out budget can be crucial when making decisions about maintenance, upgrades and rental rates. However, the time and effort it takes to create this can be intimidating without the market knowledge and facilities information to properly create a solid budget.


A Bit of Advice

Having the right perspective, and plenty of patience, are necessary traits for investing in commercial real estate. Experts say that success in commercial real estate investments requires the willingness to spend a lot of time and effort upfront in researching, developing the right relationships and identifying the right type of investment.


“Working with Bob Caldwell and the entire Caldwell team has been great for our property. Their attention to detail is the best I have ever seen. Our entire center looks as good as it did the day the construction of our second building was finished in 2003. The Caldwell team works tirelessly to make sure we stay rented and most importantly to make sure tenants pay their rent on time. We have had a relationship with these professionals for well over 20 years and expect to continue to for many years to come.”

Bobby Harrell – Harrell Insurance Agency


Tax Advantages of Buying Commercial Real Estate

Tax Advantages of Buying Commercial Real Estate

Whether you purchase a large factory, a medium-sized warehouse, or a small retail building, buying commercial real estate often provides a variety of tax breaks for the owner. Your tax or financial advisor can tell you exactly how such an investment could be...

Should I Build or Buy Commercial Property?

Should I Build or Buy Commercial Property?

If you need space for your business, whether retail or some other type of commercial space, you have some choices to make. You have to decide whether you will lease, buy, or build a property. If you intend on staying in a space short-term, leasing might be the best...

Buying Undeveloped Land for Commercial Use

Buying Undeveloped Land for Commercial Use

Finding the ultimate location for your business or commercial development can be challenging. Companies in the Charleston area looking to build office buildings, warehouses, factories, or any type of commercial buildings have different options for accomplishing this....