Every year, businesses across the United States face the decision to move or stay in the same location. That is a more difficult and more expensive decision than contemplating a household move, as stressful as that often is. A business relocation involves a lot of planning, costs a lot of money, and demands significant logistical efforts. However, it may offer a great payback in terms of progress, and progress sometimes requires a shift of vision and a fresh start. As Will Rogers said, “Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” Among the great places to consider, the decision to relocate to Charleston, SC can be an inspired one.

Reasons to Consider Moving Your Business

Sometimes improving business conditions requires a major change. And a relocation might be just the right change. To achieve the growth you desire, you may need to relocate to:

  1. Find more and better workers to employ.
  2. Secure better operational costs.
  3. Benefit from improved commercial real estate costs.
  4. Find better functional operating and storage space accommodations.
  5. Improve shipping and transportation access.
  6. Get a healthier living environment.
  7. Respond to changes within your industry.
  8. Enter a better competitive environment.
  9. Get closer proximity to current and potential clients or to better reach new markets.

For all these reasons, choosing to relocate to Charleston, SC can be an excellent choice.

Reasons to Relocate to Charleston, SC

A major business relocation goes far beyond the idea that “the grass is greener” somewhere else. In deciding to relocate to Charleston, the opportunities are very inviting because Charleston offers:

  • An excellent deep-water shipping port, offering weekly service to more than 140 international destinations. The port has been given a high-efficiency rating for the availability of multiple terminals that offer containerized, break-bulk, and rolling cargo capacity. It also offers an effective use of port personnel and longshoremen and smart time management.
  • A growing international airport, offering non-stop service to 21 destinations. The airport completed a major award-winning renovation in 2016, including the addition of five gates, 15 new jet bridges, and other improvements.
  • Easily accessed ground transportation, including major interstates and the North Charleston Terminal rail yard.
  • A strong and skilled workforce, featuring one of the most experienced and educated populations in the country including 375,000 workers in the Charleston region, 174,000 millennials, and 64,000 veterans. Additionally, 90 percent of residents have a high school diploma or GED and 33 percent of residents have a bachelor’s or advanced degree.
  • Charleston is highly rated, so it is very desirable to relocate to Charleston. It is rated as:

    –#4 Best midsize city for Jobs

    –#11 Job growth

    –#2 Top States for doing business in 2017

    –#1 Business incentives

    –#2 Overall cost of doing business in 2017

    –#3 Speed of permitting

    –#8 Corporate tax environment

On top of these business features, Charleston is highly regarded as a place to live because of its:

  • Mild weather
  • Beautiful beaches, parks, and abundant recreation
  • Great historic features
  • Great arts scene
  • Lower taxes
  • Great food
  • Reputation as a very friendly city

Seek Expert Real Estate Services for Your Perfect Relocation

Every business needs a great facility. Caldwell Commercial Real Estate Services is your trusted partner for commercial real estate in Charleston, SC. Our commercial realtors and property managers have a combined 80 years of experience so you can rest easy knowing that your commercial real estate needs will be met with results and superior satisfaction.