The past year has driven home the idea that Americans can accomplish more things online than previously thought possible. And the demand for technology products and services continues to skyrocket as consumers and businesses find more ways to leverage these solutions. Fortunately, the Charleston area has been able to capture some of this growth with its booming tech sector. 

Technology Trends in Charleston, SC

Omatic Software is a technology company that already has a presence in the Charleston area and just completed an expansion of its corporate headquarters in Mount Pleasant last year. The company is known for providing nonprofit organizations with integration services that allow them to get a comprehensive view of their data. 

Omatic Software also plans to invest another $450,000 in the area, which would create an additional 100 jobs over the next five years. According to the company’s CEO, Dan Kim, the Charleston area’s combination of culture and industry makes it an attractive choice for the tech industry. 

Joining the Ranks of Charleston’s Current Tech Companies

Omatic Software is just one of many technology companies that call Charleston, SC home. In fact, more than 500 tech companies have either been founded in the area, relocated here, or have current operations in or around the region. 

Some of the major tech companies that have operations in Charleston include:

  • Google
  • BAE Systems
  • Booze, Allen, Hamilton
  • Naval Information Warfare Center
  • SAIC
  • Benefit Focus
  • Blackbaud

Demand for Technology Continues to Rise

The demand for technology continues to increase, and Charleston is perfectly positioned for this trend. According to a recent report released by the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce, information technology is among the highest-demand industries in the area. 

IT is included in just a dozen top industries that account for over 90% of the projected growth in the Charleston Metro area through 2024. By that time, the report estimates that roughly 1,600 new IT jobs will be created in the area. 

The IT jobs being created in the Charleston area are needed to fulfill a variety of needs. But one ongoing requirement is the support of major manufacturers that are already in the area. Some of those include multinational names like Mercedez-Benz Vans, Volvo Cars USA, and Boeing. 

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