Earlier this year the Preservation Society of Charleston, SC celebrated its 66th annual Carolopolis Awards, honoring the very best preservation and rehabilitation projects in the Charleston area. Since 1953, more than 1,400 projects have been recognized for protecting and preserving Charleston’s valuable historic structures. This year, 20 awards were given including those for James Island, downtown, West Ashley and the Jackson Street Cottages. Projects were honored for historic restoration and rehabilitation of both interiors and exteriors as well as sensitively designed work in historic neighborhoods.

Located in Charleston’s Eastside neighborhood, four single-story homes located on Jackson Street went through extensive restoration, returning their architectural appearance as close as possible (according to historical information) to how they would have looked in the early 1900s. At one point, over 1,000 of these cottage structures (commonly called “Freedman’s Cottages”) existed to house primarily black, working families. These structures are now listed in the National Register of Historic Places to ensure their protection.

Charleston residents and visitors are delighted to see these historic homes remodeled and preserved. The restoration project has repurposed the cottage structures into the components of an event campus, including two main event buildings centered on the large enclosed property and featuring a charming central courtyard.

Why are Restoration and Renovation Important?

Restoration means to restore or “take back” a property to (or close to) its original state. Renovation means to make new and to improve. Residents of every city want areas and neighborhoods to be something that they can be proud of. But, it’s not a simple question of appearance. Restoration has very meaningful social and economic impacts as well.

Other Development, Renovation and Revitalization Projects in Charleston

Charleston has benefitted from many development and renovation projects, preserving its wonderful Southern charm and making it the tremendously attractive area that it is. Consider this sampling of important projects:

  • The Charleston Upper Peninsula Initiative designed to help transition the area from its heavy industrial and commercial roots into a more appealing multi-purpose residential, retail and business area.
  • Plan West Ashley, intended to support economic growth and development, update commercial areas, enhance the quality of life and protect the area’s historic and cultural quality.
  • 23 new apartment structures to expand housing for this high move-in destination city and to accommodate a growing workforce.

Why is Charleston, SC Attractive for Real Estate Development?

Charleston is a very attractive real estate market because:

  1. It is a great area to live and it attracts a lot of tourism. Great climate conditions, attractive beaches, sporting, and recreation, combined with great food and Southern hospitality make for a compelling “come here and stay here” story.
  2. Charleston has a large and active military community.
  3. There’s a strong college student market.
  4. Job growth is booming in the area, with unemployment a full point below the national average.
  5. South Carolina is a low tax state.
  6. Home values and appreciation are strong.

Yes, Charleston is a great place to be. The area values its historic roots and preserves them (like the Jackson Street cottage renovation), and it also has a strong eye to the future.

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