Winter weather in South Carolina is usually mild, but there are still times when rain, wind or even freezing weather can create conditions hazardous to the roofs of commercial structures. 

In fact, wind and temperature changes during the winter months can create some serious issues, so it is wise to prepare now to deal with critical roof winterizing actions.

What Winter Roof Problems Can Occur?

Winterizing your roof will help you conquer these problems:

  • Expansion and contraction of the roofing membrane due to temperature swings.
  • Clogged or frozen drains, gutters, and scuppers.
  • Water that is trapped and re-frozen.
  • Icicle formation.
  • Strong winds  

Prepare Now to Conquer Challenging Winter Roofing Battles 

A commercial roof is the building’s primary defense against natural hazards, so it makes great sense to develop a comprehensive roof winterizing plan. Start with a thorough inspection before the winter weather season starts. 

Check all aspects of the roof: the decking, surface membrane, insulation, drainage pipes, gutters, and roof vents. Do a thorough roof cleaning to remove all debris and clean all drains and gutters.

Next, create a water remediation plan, focusing on areas susceptible to water or ice accumulation. Watch out for any possible areas of condensation that will create harmful results.

Regularly check the roof construction to see if there are any weaknesses and consider the age of the roof, any rooftop foot traffic, any weather events or prior damage. If you see cracks or damage to masonry, sagging roof elements, signs of water penetration, doors or windows that can’t be opened properly, fix these areas immediately.

Other things you can do to prepare include: 

  • Check for any damage from bird species, particularly around HVAC equipment and vent pipes or anywhere water accumulates. 
  • Check rooftop equipment for any movement.
  • Examine and repair all metal flashings and any loose metalwork.
  • Remove any overhanging tree branches.
  • Stay alert for any changes in roofing conditions. Make winterizing on-going.  

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