South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia are home to some of the best commercial real estate in the nation. Between the three states, there is a lot of opportunity for investors who love commercial properties.

It is an investment that can provide stability, cash flow, and long-term growth potential. In this article, we will explore some of the opportunities and challenges that commercial real estate investors can expect to face in 2022.

#1. Increase in Multi-Family Retail Investment

Commercial real estate is an important part of the country’s economic fabric. As the population continues to grow, commercial properties will become more and more scarce. This trend will drive up prices for people looking to buy into the market. Multi-family retail real estate is one area that investors can expect to see value growth in.

#2. Businesses That Are More “Green” Than Before

We are in the midst of an environmental revolution, and businesses are taking note. At some point, they will need to make more changes if they want to keep up with consumer demand.

Leaders in commercial real estate will adjust their business models accordingly or risk losing market share. The next time you’re looking for commercial real estate services, give Caldwell Commercial a call! We would love to help you with whatever your business might need.

#3. More Robots and Automation

New technology will help make facilities more efficient and responsive to customers’ needs; this includes commercial real estate. Everything from building maintenance to the security of facilities is going through a process of technological advancement that could affect commercial properties across the board.

The need for human labor during operation will decrease, and the need for humans to program and maintain robots will be at an all-time high.

#4. A Surge of Multi-Family Housing

Since the housing market crash, developers have been more cautious about building single-family homes. At least through 2022, we should expect to see a lot of multi-family housing start as this trend continues. More new apartment complexes will help meet the growing demand for housing. And this increased demand is not just limited to the city. It’s happening in suburbs and rural areas, too.

If you are thinking about investing in commercial real estate, Caldwell Commercial is here to help.

#5. The Surge of “Micro Offices”

recent study by CBRE showed that the amount of space dedicated to micro offices has increased by over 400% in the past five years. These are small spaces (usually 100 sq. ft. or less) that cater to entrepreneurs and freelancers.

The growth of the “gig economy” has driven this trend, as more and more people demand the freedom to work outside of a traditional office setting. Micro offices can also be more affordable and flexible than leasing an entire office space.

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