Under Management

North Rhett Executive Center

5617 North Rhett Ave. North Charleston, SC 29406

New flexible floorplans can accommodate a wide variety of uses. Centrally located with easy access to all of Charleston. Leave outs in rear suites can be modified to add easy access for pallets and large deliveries. Full Service lease rate of 24.50.

All suites have access to conference room with seating for 16 +. Seating can be rearranged to classroom style. Conference room will have large TV with integration for presentations. Reservations made online. Suites will also have access to shared kitchenette / breakroom and bathrooms.
Tenants will also have ability to lease additional single executive offices on 6 month to 12 month terms.

Property Management

Your investment, our passion.

Nurturing Owner and Tenant Relationships


  • Develop, implement and maintain customized commercial property management plans.
  • Provide monthly reports and annual budgets.
  • Superior property maintenance and management.
  • Cultivate and nurture healthy landlord-tenant relationships.

Caldwell Commercial

Building Maintenance

Establishing a consistent and informed maintenance plan for your commercial building is essential for making certain that the property stays in optimum condition. A strategic maintenance approach also allows property owners to adequately plan for expenditures in the current year and in years to come. At Caldwell Commercial, we have years of experience monitoring the condition of buildings, as well as responding to property maintenance emergencies.


Renovations & Repairs

As an investor researching commercial buildings and developments, here are some common maintenance items to consider during your decision making process:


  • General Repairs: Tenant improvements, carpentry, graffiti removal, power washing, roof leaks/repairs, demolition, concrete repair.
  • Plumbing and HVAC: Water heaters, water leaks, toilet repair/replacement, sewer clogs, dripping faucets, backflow prevention, HVAC maintenance contracts and repairs.
  • Exterior Site Work: Asphalt repairs, landscape rehabs, exterior painting, glass replacement, re-roofing and inspection, exterior lighting, window coverings, parking lot maintenance.
  • Electrical: Lighting repairs and installation, electrical outlets/switches, breaker replacement, panel upgrades, troubleshooting.

Making the appropriate upgrade and repair decisions for your commercial property can make a significant difference in income and overall property condition.