Did you know that the population of the Charleston-North Charleston area has grown by more than 150,000 people in the last 10 years? That’s an increase of more than 20%! And that increasing population represents a new base of consumers, looking for retail and entertainment options to spend their money.

The new development at the North Charleston Navy Yard is set to meet much of that demand. Are you looking to invest in quality commercial real estate in the area? Perhaps you’d like to find out more about this exciting new commercial development?

Read on for more information on this exciting development project in North Charleston.

The North Charleston Navy Yard Can Be a New Urban Center

The Charleston Navy Yard has been one of the most eye-catching landmarks in the city since its construction in 1903. It hasn’t been used for naval purposes since the 1990s, but its striking architectural style and prime riverfront location make it a familiar sight to most North Charleston residents.

When the yard closed, it had a big impact on the area’s economy, causing hundreds of job losses.

Now, new things are coming to the area. The yard’s vast floor space (more than a million square feet) will feature residences, dining, shopping, and offices. There will even be a concert hall onsite, allowing the venue to host a variety of events and bring in consumers from further afield.

Top Location

With its booming population, easy transport links, and access to more major population centers, the Navy Yard’s Cooper River location is a real diamond in the rough.

The area is growing at a rapid pace. But North Charleston currently lacks some much-needed commercial property. The growing number of businesses in the region require office space and their workers require apartments. All these people need shopping and entertainment options.

There’s no better time and no better place to invest in some commercial property.

Best of Both Worlds

The Navy Yard will be refurbished and refitted to meet the needs of modern commercial tenants and consumers. But the developers are taking care to preserve the character and history of the building.

In fact, the development is set to protect the yard more than if it was simply left abandoned.

A unique, iconic location like the Navy Yard has the potential to really stand out from the crowd. Consumers are tired of commercial developments lacking character and warmth. The Navy Yard developers know this, and they’ve successfully developed other historic buildings into commercial property all across the country.

The Best in the Business

The new development at the North Charleston Navy Yard represents an amazing opportunity for investment.

If you’re planning on getting in on the ground floor, you’ll want to work with an experienced, reputable company for all your commercial real estate services.

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