Growing your business is exciting and likely the realization of a number of key business goals. But you can’t expand your business and expand to remain in the same physical space. At some point, you’re going to need some more breathing room. Here are ten sure-fire signs that it’s time to broaden your horizons and start looking for a bigger office space. 

1. Employees can’t find anywhere to sit.

Employees need adequate space to work, talk on the phone, and just walk around. No one wants to listen to their co-worker’s conversations. If people are crammed in next to each other to the point that work itself is a distraction, this is the first sign you need a larger space. 

2. Workstations are cramped. 

In addition to offices or workstations being too close to each other, you may not be giving your staff enough space in their individual workstations. Employees shouldn’t feel so cramped they can hardly move or turn around. 

3. There’s no place to take a break. 

If your on-site breakroom or lunchroom is always full, employees might start going someplace else for their breaks. This could lead to extended lunch hours and a less cohesive company culture. 

4. Meetings have become impossible. 

Few businesses operate without meetings. But when holding a staff or client meeting becomes a challenge because there’s not enough room or the space is constantly booked, you should consider expanding your space. 

5. Filing cabinets are overflowing. 

Not all businesses have gone paperless yet. You probably still have to save some records for various purposes. If your records department is overflowing with paper, you’re going to need more space. 

6. Your mailroom can’t keep up. 

Operating a mailroom in a business that has space capacity issues can be challenging. You’re likely going to experience bottlenecks and even some errors that could be costly for your business. 

7. Employee dissatisfaction is a problem. 

When your staff isn’t happy, your business is going to experience a reduction in productivity and an increase in employee turnover. This can be a wake-up call that your business isn’t a comfortable place to work. 

8. Your space doesn’t reflect your brand. 

Your office space should be a reflection of your brand. If it isn’t, or you’ve recently had a brand overhaul, your existing space might seem dated. When you look for a new space, find one that has the vibe you want and will be more suitable for your brand. 

9. You want to hire more people. 

If you’re planning to hire more staff, you’ll need a nice place for them to work. Make sure you plan ahead. It can take several months or longer to set up a new office space. It’s also a good idea to choose one with a bit more space than you need so you have room to grow. 

10. You’re losing clients

Has your business lost clients after meetings in your current office? This could be a red flag that something isn’t right with your current space. Remember, your office is a reflection of your brand. Choose it wisely. 

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