You’ve likely heard the expression, often attributed to Will Rodgers, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” While that is true about meeting other people, it also applies to first impressions for a commercial building. 

You might ask yourself, “What does the exterior of my building say about my business?”  Is my building’s commercial curb appeal, meaning its attractiveness when viewed from the street, helping or hurting my business?”

Why is Commercial Curb Appeal Important?

Attractive commercial curb appeal is vital in various areas for your business. A positive and attractive curb appeal can: 

  • Gain trust for your business. Customers, vendors and financial partners see your business in a more positive light.
  • Increase visibility and draw traffic to your business.
  • Help your business stand out from other businesses, including competitors.
  • Improve employee pride and contributes to their loyalty.   

How to Create Curb Appeal for Commercial Buildings

Knowing that businesses don’t generally have an endless supply of money for commercial curb appeal improvements, it is valuable to start with a strategy to guide your planning and budgeting.

First, critically evaluate the total outside appearance to see what needs to be improved. Second, focus on the areas that people will see first and the areas that they will see most. 

Third, consider what changes will deliver the most impact. Fourth, think about the long term; what will have the most enduring impact?

Consider these ideas for improving your commercial curb appeal:

  • A simple (and repetitive) clean up can make quite a difference, including pressure washing the exterior and cleaning doors and windows.
  • Clean the parking lot and re-stripe the parking lines. Importantly, repair potholes and cracks.
  • Update and improve your exterior lighting. This will have a great safety benefit too.
  • If applicable, freshen your exterior paint and consider adding accent colors.
  • Improve landscaping and clean up all surrounding property.
  • Clean and/or repave walkways.
  • Repair, refresh, or add new signage.
  • Add outside accommodations, including seating and bike racks.  When improving your commercial curb appeal, avoid overlooking clutter, using quirky art or shocking colors or creating bizarre landscaping. You want to freshen things up, not make things worse.  

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