When you’re searching for the perfect commercial property for your business, you’re probably considering things like location and interior features. But if you haven’t put the property’s parking space on your list of criteria, you may be missing a critical feature. Here’s why vehicle parking space and features matter when buying commercial property, according to the type of business you have. 

Putting Vehicle Parking Space and Features on Your Priority List

Whether you’re purchasing a retail, office, industrial, or some other type of commercial property, it’s important to consider vehicle parking in your purchase. If your parking is inconvenient, insufficient, or unsafe, you may lose customers and key talent because of it. Unfortunately, this aspect of buying property often slips under the radar. But it’s a large component of the success of your investment. 

However, parking space needs vary depending on the type and size of a business. If you need a small office space for just a few employees, you don’t need as much office space as a large corporation that expects a high volume of traffic flow between its employees, customers, executives, etc.

Parking Space Features for Commercial Property Purchases

Here are some parking features to consider for your next commercial property purchase. Determine which ones apply to your business and commercial property needs. 

Convenience and Comfort

Customers and employees need parking that is comfortable and convenient to the property. The traffic flow in the parking lot should also be intuitive to avoid frustration. If your business offers curbside pickup, there should be space at the front of the lot designated and labeled for this purpose. And don’t forget to add several accessible parking spaces that conform to ADA guidelines

Priority Spaces

Executives and top managers should have their own designated parking spaces that are a short walk to the building’s entrance. This is an employment perk that many in top management positions expect. When you purchase commercial property, make sure there is enough room for these spaces. 

Parking Space Technology

Many customers and employees now own and use vehicles that run on alternative energy, mainly EVs. It would be a significant benefit to these groups if you added some EV charging station spaces to your parking lot. 

Industrial Loading/Unloading Areas

Large department stores, manufacturers, and warehouses require a different type of parking situation. These businesses might need traditional parking spaces. But they also require room for the loading and unloading of tractor-trailers. Sometimes, these are also stored on-site. 

Parking Lot Safety & Security

Your parking lot should also be safe and secure. There should be measures in place to prevent and detect criminal activity in the area. But safety also means the parking area is well-maintained to prevent accidents like slip and falls on icy sidewalks or over broken concrete. 

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