You’ve heard it said that the top three rules of commercial leasing and sales are location, location, location. And Charleston commercial real estate offers a plethora of options where location is concerned. Choosing the right location for your business can make or break you. So how do you ensure you make the best choice for your commercial real estate needs? Caldwell Commercial Real Estate Services in Charleston, SC specializes in helping you find the best location for your business. When choosing your location, we recommend asking these seven questions, as suggested by the US Small Business Administration.

1. Does this location and space maintain the branding of the business?

If your business is branded with a hip, young, artsy feel, placing it in a family-centered, suburban neighborhood isn’t going to be your best option. That location would go against the brand you’ve been working to create. One way that a property agent should help you is to help you understand what the branding of different locations is like so that you can determine whether you want to place your carefully branded business in that space.

2. What is the competition like in that area?

If you’re looking to open a new hair salon, you don’t want to open up shop on a street that’s lined with stylists. And if you’re opening up a bakery, you probably don’t want to set up next door to the city’s favorite, tried and true sweet shop that sells almost the same items you do.

3. Will the space allow for future growth?

You don’t want to choose a space that will just barely meet your needs for the moment. Doing so can stall future growth. So, keep in mind what you may want your space to look like in the coming years, and plan accordingly.

4. What will this area offer to your potential employees?

Good employees can be hard to find and oftentimes even harder to keep. To ensure you’re setting your business up for success, make sure you choose a location that offers a decent local labor market.

5. How manageable is this location for the delivery of needed supplies?

Make sure your location doesn’t prevent you from obtaining the supplies you need in a timely fashion. Locations that are in more rural areas can often be less expensive, but sometimes, those initial expense cuts come back to bite you in additional shipping costs and/or lag time from longer waits on deliveries.

6. What are the zoning regulations?

Knowing this information is absolutely imperative. Certain types of businesses may not be allowed in different areas. Before leasing with a commercial real estate company, be sure zoning regulations will not keep you from operating your business according to your vision.

7. How safe is this area?

For the benefit of your employees, customers/clients, and overall ethos, considering safety is a must. Be sure to check on the area’s local crime rate before agreeing to rent a certain location. You want your customers and employees to feel safe while in your place of business.

If you are interested in choosing some property in the Charleston, SC areas, let us at Caldwell Commercial know. We can help you find the perfect location for your business. Email us today at info@caldwellcommercial.com to get started.