Businesses around the globe are facing the challenge of balancing their space needs with growing real estate costs. Fortunately, the economy is strong, and business growth has been encouraging over the past year. But that doesn’t mean your business should waste resources in any area. Here is how proper and strategic space planning can help sustain and grow your business. 

What is Strategic Space Planning?

Space planning, or space management, is the short and long-term management of a business’s physical space. This can involve mapping out where people in the office will sit. But it’s usually a bit more complex than that one exercise. 

Strategic planning involves understanding how a business uses its workspace as well as predicting how that space might be needed in the future. In addition, these activities can outline how you plan to achieve your space planning goals and designate the standards you will use to manage your space. 

The Benefits of Having a Space Management Strategy

One of the central themes of space planning is cost savings. Most strategies focus on optimizing a particular space to reduce costs. But how you use your space can also impact other areas of your business. Some of the benefits of having a space management strategy include: 

  • Optimize your space
  • Improve employee wellbeing
  • Reduce your environmental impact
  • Increase creativity and productivity
  • Boost bottom-line results

Space management strategies are beneficial for all types of businesses and organizations of all sizes. 

Aligning Space Needs With Business Goals

One of the primary goals of space planning should also be to drive business growth. Specifically, how can your physical space align with the vision you have for your business? If you plan to restructure or expand your business in the coming year, you can develop a space planning strategy that addresses those specific plans. 

In a market that might have supply chain challenges, the business that has the strongest plan will also have the greatest advantage. Creating a timeline for any adjustments you wish to make to your space and then putting plans in motion as early as possible can help ensure your business growth strategy remains on track. 

Caldwell Commercial Real Estate for Your Space Planning Needs

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