From Rapid City, South Dakota to Charleston, South Carolina

Who would blame Josh Sterkel for making the move? The weather alone would be reason enough, but for Josh…there is the FOOD!

Josh spent most of his growing up years in Indiana and then landed in South Dakota. At Coca Colas Distribution Center, he was able to put his accounting training to work. After a few winters in South Dakota, he heard from friends about an opportunity in Charleston and headed south.

At FIRST SERVICES, Josh became the Manager of 10 residential property HOAs. For four years he enjoyed building relationships with the HOA board members and vendors. He also had the opportunity to work hands on for some of their projects – like a playground at one of the properties. As much as he enjoyed his role there, Josh had an ongoing interest in commercial real estate as the next part of his journey.

Often when considering a big change, we look for a sign to let us know we are making the right move. For Josh, there was a literal sign. Traveling around Charleston, a billboard for Caldwell Commercial Real Estate appeared on his route. Throwing caution to the wind, Josh made an inquiry call and discovered there was an upcoming opportunity. After interviewing several candidates, Josh made the cut.

In the midst of this career move, Josh married his wife, Andrea, and is very happy making a home with her and their three daughters. They love the area local culture, history, weather, and of course – food – shrimp, crab, and BBQ.

Josh looks forward to working with Caldwell Commercial Real Estate’s clients and helping the business grow.