2020 was nothing if not strange, unprecedented, and challenging for individuals and businesses alike. But it wasn’t all negative. The COVID-19 pandemic forced a lot of companies to push the envelope and try new things, like allowing their staff to finally work from home. 

Now that there is light on the horizon, what does the new year have in store for this particular trend? Here are a few co-working insights for 2021 and beyond. 

Giving Workers Options

There are plenty of new terms floating around like flexible work, dynamic work, space as a service, etc. What you call it doesn’t matter. The truth is that workers now have more choices than ever, and many will be more discerning about where they choose to call home. The nature of work has changed drastically in an incredibly short period, and businesses that embrace giving workers more options will be able to attract the best and most diverse talent. 

Happier, Healthier, and More Productive Workers

Before the pandemic, getting and retaining talent was a constant challenge for employers. Post-pandemic, businesses can expect this to continue, but on a new level. Offering new things to employees like secure, safe, and sanitized workplaces is now a priority. 

Even some people who have worked from home for the past year are looking for something different. Many have found that telecommuting is more lonely and uninspiring than they had hoped. So, if your company isn’t ready to come back to the office, those workers might look for alternatives in co-working spaces. 

Most humans need some level of interpersonal interaction that goes beyond weekly Zoom meetings. In fact, mental health issues are soaring as people have had enough isolation. Getting out of the home and into co-working spaces can boost the health and wellbeing of employees as well as their work productivity.  

Smart and Open Design Trends

Another office and co-working trend is the move towards more open space instead of a focus on fitting as many bodies as possible in a tiny space. Physical distancing at work requires a new mindset in office design, but it’s also a focus on health, wellness, and productivity. 

Businesses are opting for larger workspaces, more natural lighting, and technology to make work more enjoyable and productive. Technology has helped with things like low or no-touch workplace entries, increasing air quality, and helping employees stay connected without the need for constant meetings. 

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