Mount Pleasant Restricts Building Heights to Three Stories

Mount Pleasant, SC

The Mount Pleasant Town Council voted recently to restrict all future construction along the Ben Sawyer Boulevard and Coleman Boulevard corridor to three stories or 45 feet. Town Council members Bob Brimmer, Gary Santos, Jim Owens and Will Haynie all voted in favor of the height restrictions. The Council voted to limit heights to the ridge of a roof, rather than at the bottom of a pitched roof on the Ben Sawyer and Coleman Boulevard corridor.  The ridge is the highest point of a building, whether it is a flat or pitched roof.  Current rules allow 55 feet along the commercial corridor of Coleman Boulevard and Ben Sawyer Boulevards, and 75 foot buildings in the Sea Island Shopping Center and Moultrie Plaza.

Gary Santos, made the motion to place this restriction at 45 feet to the ridge, but also requested an exception for Moultrie and Sea Island Shopping Centers, to allow them to be raised to 55 feet with no more than four floors. Current rules allow for six foot buildings. Mayor Page had advocated for an exception also for the TV Station property on Ben Sawyer Boulevard, but this was rejected by the Council.

Mr. Santos was quoted in the local Moultrie News, and said “my motivation behind this decision has remained the same since first reading – to get the heights to a manageable level and create some finality for the people of this town. I appreciate Mayor Page’s thoughts regarding the TV Station property, but I just felt 45 feet was appropriate for the area we call our gateway to the beach and within the decompression zone.  I am sure if the right project comes along for that property – or any property for that matter – that benefits our community and is the best interests of our citizens, I would be happy to consider it,” he added.

Mount Pleasant Mayor Linda Page had asked Mr. Santos to amend his motion to allow an exemption for the Channel 4 property so that buildings on this property could be as high as 55 feet, similar to Simmons Point across the street.

Overall, the new height restrictions will apply to 300 properties in Mount Pleasant. The Council decision reflects the views of many local residents and the majority of the Town Council members, who are opposed to taller buildings being built along the town’s commercial strip since they believe such development is a threat to Mount Pleasant’s quality of life.

Source: Moultrie News, “It’s Three Stories or You’re Out,” September 21, 2016

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